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Office of School Choice & Enrollment

What's The Process

1. Understanding Lottery Results

School Choice Lottery results will be released soon!  Please take this time to prepare yourself for next steps.

The School Choice Lottery results will be released Friday, March 29, 2024 at 5:00pm via email. New Haven Public Schools will be closed on this day. We understand this is an exciting time for families. Here are some important tips to remember:

School Choice Reminders

  • Please carefully READ the placement results email you receive to avoid missing any critical information. Parents will be responsible for all written information shared. 

  • Your child will be accepted to only one school or they will be waitlisted. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please click below to review the video below Understanding Your Placement Results. Por favor revisa el vídeo Entendiendo tu Resultados de la colocación. 

    How to

    2. Instructions

    There are just 2 ways to accept your child’s offered seat:     

    1. In-person by visiting the Office of School Choice and Enrollment 

    2. By logging into the application portal and accept via the parent dashboard (

    PLEASE NOTE: We will not process acceptances via email.

    Watch the helpful videos on "How to Accept your Lottery Seat" below.

    Once you accept the placement, the system will automatically send you an email confirming that you successfully accepted the placement. If you receive this confirmation, there is no need to call the office to verify the acceptance.

    How to

    3. Register

    In addition to accepting the placement offer, registration is REQUIRED for the following students to finalize their placement:

    • Students NEW to New Haven Public Schools
    • Students LEAVING a charter school, private or catholic school, Eli Whitney, Platt Tech, or ACES Wintergreen
    • Students ACCEPTED to a charter school: Common Ground HS, Elm City Montessori School, Booker T Washington Academy, Edmond Cofield Academy, Highville Charter School and Achievement First Charter Schools (Amistad and Elm City College Prep)

    Registration for the 2024-2025 school year can be completed in-person at the Office of School Choice & Enrollment or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.