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Office of School Choice & Enrollment

General School Info

  1. Grades 9-12
  2. Interdistrict Magnet
  3. 177 College St., New Haven, CT 06510
  4. 7:30am - 2:15pm
  5. Sibling Preference
  6. 475-220-2400
  7. Our Website
  8. Principal Val-Jean Belton
  9. “CO-OP helps inspire, and teach not only arts and academics but also helps people find and be themselves. There is a special welcoming and accepting environment, in which students and teachers can express themselves, as well as grow. With countless opportunities, whether in the arts or humanities, people can express their voice, ideas, creativity, and prepare for the future.” - Jayden, Grade 11 Theatre Major

Cooperative Arts & Humanities Interdistrict Magnet

Celebrating the arts in each of us and in all we do.
CO-OP is an arts magnet high school that offers students the opportunity and responsibility to engage in their art everyday in an effort to positively impact the world around them.

How to know our school is right for your child:

  • You have a passion for or yearning to engage in the art major you apply for!
  • You are interested in engaging in unique and real-world arts and academic experiences.
  • You want to learn from and engage in the community around you.

About Our Theme:

  • CO-OP, a place students can be extraordinary.

Visit Us at a 2024 Open House event:

  • In-Person: Tuesday, January 16, 2024, 12:00pm
  • In-Person: Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 5:00PM
  • In-Person: Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 4:30PM

Contact Us with more questions:

  • Amy Migliore, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 475-220-2411