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Office of School Choice & Enrollment

General School Info

  1. PreK-3 - Grade 4
  2. Magnet
  3. 69 Farnham Ave., New Haven, CT 06515
  4. 8:35am - 2:50pm
  5. Sibling Preference
  6. 475-220-4800
  7. Our Website
  8. Principal Jamie Baker-Vilsaint
  9. "I cannot believe that our school is on a college campus. I can literally just walk up the street and use a college library." - Yamileth, Grade 4

Barack H. Obama Magnet University School

Our school recognizes that growing technology makes communication more accessible and global than ever. We equip your child with 21st century communication, academic, and social skills necessary to succeed in a diverse world. In the early elementary grades, our play-based learning approach motivates students to explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways. Our upper elementary grades’ STEM-infused curriculum and project-based learning approach prepare students to utilize digital media and technology to communicate effectively. Students receive language instruction in Chinese at all grade level and hear an array of language being spoken by our diverse group students. Our Discovery Lab provides STEM hands-on learning experiences and design challenges aligned with grade-level content. Through our partnership with Southern Connecticut State University, our students receive support from future educators and benefit from experiences provided to them on a public university's campus.

How to know our school is right for your child:

  • Your child loves to investigate questions to real-world problems and use the latest technology, including robotics, to develop solutions.
  • Your child wants to be a culturally aware community member by learning how to communicate in Chinese as early as 3years of age.
  • Your child is interested in expressing new learning through hands-on activities that allow students to build and create.

About Our Theme:

  • Greetings! We are BOMUS, where students are inspired to thrive in the 21st century!

Visit Us at a 2024 Open House event:

  • Virtual: Tuesday, February 6, 2024, 10:00am
  • In-Person: Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 5:00pm

Contact Us with more questions:

  • Mrs. Melanie Thomas, Vice Principal, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 475-220-4803