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General School Info

  1. Grades 5-8
  2. 150 Kimberly Ave., New Haven, CT 06519
  3. 9:15am - 3:30pm
  4. 475-220-5300
  5. Principal Jennifer Jenkins
  6. "The arts program at BRAMS is an unreal experience. You are able to learn in unique arts programs and from great arts teachers. I have built opportunities in the arts for myself as a visual arts student. BRAMS has taught me magnificent lessons that have built my character and confidence as a student. I know you will have fun at BRAMS!" - Kani, Grade 8 Visual Arts

Betsy Ross Arts Interdistrict Magnet

We are BRAMS, where artistic creativity flows boldly from every student! #BRAMSontheRISE
Students at Betsy Ross Arts Interdistrict Magnet School (BRAMS) study dance, music, theatre and visual arts at an advanced level with certified teachers and professional artists. Our culture and school climate is safe for self-expression which allows students to be fearless in their endeavors and creativity. We respect each other's differences and revel in all the amazing successes of the people in our community. Students have both Core (general arts classes) and Emphasis (major arts class) Arts courses. In their Emphasis Course, students are required to either perform or showcase their artistry, depending on the department. We believe in bridging the arts and academics at BRAMS. Our "Art-ademics" initiative allows opportunities for General core academics to integrate the arts in various ways to engage and challenge our students. As a school community, we celebrate the tenets of Respect, Integrity, Safety, and Excellence through our R.I.S.E. Program.

How to know our school is right for your child:

  • Your child is enthusiastic about all arts modalities and has an open mind regarding trying new things, as all students are required to take dance once a week.
  • Your child has self-control, discipline, focus, tolerance and determination which are characteristics that help all artists to excel.
  • Your child has a commitment to learning and a desire to expand their knowledge artistically and academically.

About Our Theme:

  • Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School is a performing arts middle school designed to meet the needs of a population diverse in cultures, academic skills and learning styles.

Visit Us at a 2023 Open House event:

  • Virtual: Wednesday, January 25, 10:00am

    Rescheduled: Virtual: Wednesday, February 8, 6:00pm

  • Rescheduled: Virtual February 8, 6:00pm / In-Person: Wednesday, January 25, 6:00pm
  • Virtual: Thursday, February 2, 12:00pm

Contact Us with more questions:

  • Tavares Bussey, Arts Coordinator | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 475-220-5312

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