Screen-Shot-2021-01-14-at-11.40.51-PM Multicultural Artwork @ Edgewood

The students at Edgewood Magnet School were inspired by art styles from around the world in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. Check out the beautiful works of art that the students created. Beautiful work to all!

Picasso - Spanish Study

Students explored the work of Spanish cubist artist Picasso in their journey to the world of Spanish art.

American / Canadian Indigenous Art

Students were aware of the importance of wildlife and specifically deer in their exploration of American and Canadian indigenous communities' artwork.

Amate Bark Painting

When students explored the art of Mexico, they learned about a type of bark paper called amate that Mayan and Aztec Indians painted on more than 3,000 years ago to create codices (accordion-folded books) depicting stories, historical events, and even astrology.