Bishop Woods knows that Outdoor Learning is really important. 


  • School performance increases when children learn outdoors
  • Learning outdoors is healthy
  • Learning outdoors is active and increases students' physical, mental and social health.
  • Learning outdoors supports child development
  • Teaching and learning outdoors is fun
  • Learning outdoors helps develop a sense of place and civic attitudes and behaviors
  • Outdoor education engages families and the community

During remote learning, students at Bishop Woods have still been able to visit their Schoolyard Habitat virtually! Grade 3 students have been studying "What lies beneath the surface?" and have made observations about the soil and its inhabitants at Bishop Woods. Grade 8 students have been testing soil from the habitat and sharing their results with the 3rd graders – an authentic learning experience that allows for our older students to develop mentorship skills, even in a virtual setting!

Bishop Woods also hosted a Habitat Clean-Up event to prepare the schoolyard for hybrid learning. With the help of staff, their families, and the amazing crew at Common Ground High School, they were able to install log seating in the garden, enhance the Maker Space with fort-building materials, prepare the habitat for winter rest, and install a Sound Wall courtesy of Mrs. Laughlin (first grade)!

Please visit this Google Site for more information about the projects taking place at Bishop Woods Architecture and Design Magnet School!