We are so proud of all of our students at Ross Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School. The students along with their teachers are constantly delving into the past and then taking what they have learned and relating it to present day. Our school philosophy is Learning About Yesterday To Build A New Tomorrow. This philosophy is quite evident in their daily studies and in their in-depth projects that they work on.

Ross Woodward Classical Studies is proud of our Socratic Seminars. We love to engage our students in being critical and independent thinkers. We teach our students these skills on a daily basis through our lessons. We especially spend a lot of time focusing on them through our Seminar Weeks. Seminar Weeks take place once a month and we focus each month on a different core value. 

For example, for the month of January, our core value is service. We take pride in working with others to help improve our communities. All of our seminars this month will revolve around the topic of service. The students will be engaged with text about service, a poem about service or perhaps a picture showing service. The teachers will then take the lesson to the next level getting children to look at what they are learning about with a more critical lens. Both students and staff alike love Seminar Weeks!

Learning from our Past….Classical Style!

Both students and staff alike love Seminar Weeks!