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Featured Story: Ross Woodward Classical Studies Magnet -- A Classical Studies Learning Approach

We are so proud of all of our students at Ross Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School. The students along with their teachers are constantly delving into the past and then taking what they have learned and relating it to present day. Our school philosophy is Learning About Yesterday To Build A New Tomorrow. This philosophy is quite evident in their daily studies and in their in-depth projects that they work on.

Ross Woodward Classical Studies is proud of our Socratic Seminars. We love to engage our students in being critical and independent thinkers. We teach our students these skills on a daily basis through our lessons. We especially spend a lot of time focusing on them through our Seminar Weeks. Seminar Weeks take place once a month and we focus each month on a different core value. 

For example, for the month of January, our core value is service. We take pride in working with others to help improve our communities. All of our seminars this month will revolve around the topic of service. The students will be engaged with text about service, a poem about service or perhaps a picture showing service. The teachers will then take the lesson to the next level getting children to look at what they are learning about with a more critical lens. Both students and staff alike love Seminar Weeks!

Learning from our Past….Classical Style!

Both students and staff alike love Seminar Weeks!

Featured Story: A Virtual Day at the L.W. Beecher Museum School

Students love to show off what they have learned! Even in a pandemic and while learning remotely, students at L.W. Beecher let their love for learning and museum studies shine!

Check out L.W. Beecher's first-ever Virtual Exhibition Night! Click the link below to view work from students in Pre-K to 8th grade.

L.W. Beecher Museum Magnet School of Arts and Sciences uses a "hands-on approach" to learning, using theme-based and object-based studies to help students explore, apply and create knowledge in both individual and group projects. Students present their conclusions through exhibitions, reports and publications. During school-wide exhibitions, classrooms become museums and students become museum guides. 

Featured Story: Creative and Innovative Projects At Ross Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School

Ross Woodward is very proud of the project-based learning that we use with our units of study and our Magnet Themes. The children and staff really love engaging in these wonderful experiences. We have Nights At The Ross Woodward Museum each marking period where the classes get to showcase their Magnet Units of Study. We also celebrate Black History Month during our Museum Nights. Last year we had an African American Invention Gallery that was absolutely amazing, that was featured in the newspaper. Below is a roller coaster that some of our children created for that event.

 African American Invention Gallery

Featured Story: Bishop Woods Magnet School Goes Outside!

Bishop Woods knows that Outdoor Learning is really important. 


  • School performance increases when children learn outdoors
  • Learning outdoors is healthy
  • Learning outdoors is active and increases students' physical, mental and social health.
  • Learning outdoors supports child development
  • Teaching and learning outdoors is fun
  • Learning outdoors helps develop a sense of place and civic attitudes and behaviors
  • Outdoor education engages families and the community

During remote learning, students at Bishop Woods have still been able to visit their Schoolyard Habitat virtually! Grade 3 students have been studying "What lies beneath the surface?" and have made observations about the soil and its inhabitants at Bishop Woods. Grade 8 students have been testing soil from the habitat and sharing their results with the 3rd graders – an authentic learning experience that allows for our older students to develop mentorship skills, even in a virtual setting!

Bishop Woods also hosted a Habitat Clean-Up event to prepare the schoolyard for hybrid learning. With the help of staff, their families, and the amazing crew at Common Ground High School, they were able to install log seating in the garden, enhance the Maker Space with fort-building materials, prepare the habitat for winter rest, and install a Sound Wall courtesy of Mrs. Laughlin (first grade)!

Please visit this Google Site for more information about the projects taking place at Bishop Woods Architecture and Design Magnet School!

Featured Story: Wilbur Cross Winter Art Show

The students at Wilbur Cross High School put together a slideshow-style video of their Winter Art Show. Check out the beautiful works of art that the students created. Here's a sneak peak below but be sure to click the link below! Beautiful work to all!

Be sure to check out the Wilbur Cross Art website as well.

Featured Story: Edgewood Student Artwork

The students at Edgewood Magnet School were inspired by art styles from around the world in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. Check out the beautiful works of art that the students created. Beautiful work to all!

Picasso - Spanish Study

Students explored the work of Spanish cubist artist Picasso in their journey to the world of Spanish art.

American / Canadian Indigenous Art

Students were aware of the importance of wildlife and specifically deer in their exploration of American and Canadian indigenous communities' artwork.

Amate Bark Painting

When students explored the art of Mexico, they learned about a type of bark paper called amate that Mayan and Aztec Indians painted on more than 3,000 years ago to create codices (accordion-folded books) depicting stories, historical events, and even astrology.

Featured Story: Betsy Ross Arts Virtual Winterfest

Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School students and staff were in full holiday mode when they presented their Virtual Winterfest celebration in December. Check out the video to see dramatic and humorous theater performances of Charlie Brown's Christmas and The Ice King, string performances of songs such as "Nampaya Omame," "Peace Like a River," "Skaters' Waltz," "Dona Nobis Pacem," "We Three Kings," "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." Great job to all the performers and their teachers!

Video Available through January 29, 2021 - Watch it now :)  

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