James Hillhouse Comprehensive High School

2015 Open House

Wednesday, February 11 5:30-7pm

Wednesday, March 4 3:30-5pm

Wednesday, March 11 5:30-7pm


General Info

Address: 480 Sherman Parkway, New Haven, CT 06511 MAP 

Main Office Phone:

I.D.E.A. Academy: (203) 497-7500

Law, Public Safety & Health: (203) 497-7542

Grades: 9th to 12th grade

Admission Preferences: Neighborhood & Sibling

School Hours:

I.D.E.A. Academy: 7:45am-2:15pm

Law, Public Safety & Health: 7:30am-2:02pm


I.D.E.A. Academy: Ms. Fallon L. Daniels

Law, Public Safety & Health: Zakiyyah Baker

Enrollment: 950 students

Uniform School: Yes   

Website: www.nhps.net/hillhousehigh




School Overview


Hillhouse Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Action (I.D.E.A) Academy

Every adult member at IDEA Academy believes that we cannot compromise the importance of student relationships, academic rigor, and student engagement because it is a critical part of learning. We are passionate about providing positive experiences for our students that allow them to broaden their skills and knowledge in science, math, engineering, and technology as they create new and innovative concepts and models that will serve the needs of our community.

James Hillhouse Law, Public Safety, and Health Academy

Students in the Law, Public Safety, and Health Academy have the support of their family, school, and community team as they identify and refine their college/career plans and develop as citizens and leaders. Students experience learning in an environment focused on their interests and strengths, while allowing each individual to access appropriate supports and interventions for areas of growth. Students have creative opportunities to achieve academic and leadership standards. CTE certifications, dual credit opportunities, and internship experiences are all be a part of the reality for students. Each graduate will leave the walls of the school with a resume that will support their next steps.

How to Know I.D.E.A Academy is Right for Your Child:

It is our goal to prepare a generation of students to meet the challenges of our times.  Students with an interest in humanities, sciences, art, business, law, engineering, and health will collaborate in our lab spaces to identify a problem and design solutions to those problems.  Students will create prototypes that they will test and be able to market to the real world.

How to Know Law, Public Safety, and Health Academy is Right for Your Child:

The Law, Public Safety, and Health Academy is for young people who

  • Enjoy learning through projects.
  • Aspire in careers connected to the academy theme.
  • See conflicts in their community and want to help create positive changes.

Unique Ways Your Child Can Learn and Grow Here:

Hillhouse Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Action (I.D.E.A) Academy

By use of Project Based Learning students partake in an effective and enjoyable way to learn and develop deeper learning competencies required for success in college, career, and civic life making use of:

  • 21st Century Competencies
  • Student Interest
  • Real World Relevance
  • Alignment to common core
  • Use of modern technology
  • High quality and meaningful work

James Hillhouse Law, Public Safety, and Health Academy

Each student has a number of supports that ensure their individual success including:

  • a seminar class with an academic advisor
  • project-based and online curricular options
  • mastery-based grading system
  • mentors from professional settings
  • and extended day program with career certifications

2015 Open House/Tours/Shadowing

2015 Open House

Wednesday, February 11 5:30-7pm

Wednesday, March 4 3:30-5pm

Wednesday, March 11 5:30-7pm

School Tours & Shadowing

I.D.E.A. Academy: Available by appointment any Tuesday or Thursday before March 13.

Law, Public Safety & Health: Available by appointment for all grades.

For More Info

I.D.E.A. Academy: Please contact Anna London at 203-497-7500, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Olafemi Hunter at 203-936-5211, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Law, Public Safety & Health: Please contact Anderlove Fequiere-Smith at 203-497-7509, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or William Garraty at 203-497-7542, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Education Partners 

I.D.E.A. Academy: 

  • College Summit
  • Gateway Community College
  • Gear Up

Law, Public Safety & Health:

Teachers and students partner with an array of community stakeholders to achieve their goals. A few of the essential partners are as follows:

  • New Haven Police Department
  • New Haven Fire Department
  • University of New Haven
  • Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science


What our students are saying...

I.D.E.A. Academy:

“My daughter has flourished academically at the I.D.E.A Academy because of the supportive staff and the wonderful educational opportunities available to her.” - Kelly, Parent

Law, Public Safety & Health:

”By giving our students the tools and supporting them, they will have a better chance at being successful in high school. They will be better prepared for the next phase of their journey, whether it is the workforce or college.” - Shevonne, Parent

2014 Lottery Results Data

2014 Lottery Results Data 

In an effort to help families make informed decisions about choosing a school, New Haven Public Schools is publishing last year’s lottery data for each Magnet and Charter School. Although the data changes year to year, you can see a snapshot by grade level of how many seats were available for each school. Also, you can see how many applicants applied, how many applicants lived in the neighborhood, and how many applicants had siblings. These numbers reflect a combined total of all first, second and third school choices of each applicant. We hope this information, along with the opportunity to attend open houses, will help families choose schools that will fit the needs of their children.

Last Year's Available Seats and Applicants by Grade Level

Available Seats: 13 1 2 0
Neighborhood & Sibling Preference: 1 0 0 0
Neighborhood  Preference: 10 5 1 0
No Preference 21 2 1 1

We Provide

  • State-of-the-Art Schools

  • Free Transportation &
    Free Tuition

  • Free Preschool for
    3 & 4-year-olds

Our Mission

In addition to providing effective and innovative educational practices, New Haven Schools of Choice are designed to foster student enrollment patterns that reflect racial, ethnic and economic diversity.

Families must apply to our schools.  Students are placed in schools through a lottery.


Who Can Apply

New Haven residents can apply to any magnet or charter school in the city. Our Interdistrict Magnet Schools are open to all Connecticut residents. There are no admission requirements, tests or prerequisites for our students. We serve special education students, English Language learners, talented and gifted students and everyone else who comes through the lottery to our schools. No student may be denied enrollment because of race, ethnicity or disability. 

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