FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to attend a Magnet School?

Nothing - All Interdistrict & New Haven Magnet Schools, Preschool through 12th grade, are tuition free.


2. Are kindergarten classes half day or full day?

All kindergarten classes are full day according to the schools' hours.


3. What happens if I am selected for a magnet school, but I attend a private or charter school?

You will then have to register for a public school in your town by July or August.


4. If my child is placed in a Magnet school, do I have to reapply to that Magnet school each year?

No. Once your child is placed in a Magnet school, your child will remain in that Magnet school until your child graduates the last grade of that Magnet school. For example, a child placed at Jepson in Kindergarten can remain in Jepson until the 8th grade. If you want your child to attend a different Magnet school, you will have to fill out a new application.


5. What happens if I apply for a 10th grade seat at a Magnet school and my child gets a 10th grade seat but my child is retained in the 9th grade?

Your child will lose the seat at that Magnet school because you applied for a specific grade and your child was given a seat based on that specific grade. You will need to fill out a new application with the correct grade.


6. If I have an 8th grader attending Betsy Ross and I apply for my 6th grader to attend Betsy Ross, is my 6th grader guaranteed a seat at Betsy Ross?

No. Although your 6th grader will be given the highest priority in the lottery, your child is not guaranteed a seat. Your child is not guaranteed a seat because the chances of your child being placed at Betsy Ross in the lottery are dependent upon three variables: 1. the number of 6th grade seats available at Betsy Ross 2. the number of students vying for a 6th grade seat at Betsy Ross, and 3. the number of students applying for a 6th grade seat who also have a sibling attending Betsy Ross.


7. Can I still apply if I move to a town that is not one of your transportation partners?

Yes-- any resident of Connecticut may apply to our schools.


8. Do New Haven students and suburban students compete against one another in the lottery?

No. New Haven students compete against New Haven students and suburban students compete against suburban students. In essence, 70% of the seats in each school are for New Haven students and 30% of the seats are for suburban students.


9. What are my options if I apply for 3 schools and I get into my 3rd choice, but I no longer want my 3rd choice?

If you decline any seat given to you in the lottery, your application becomes null and void. The rules of the lottery state that once you accept or decline a seat, you are automatically removed from all waiting lists. The only option you will have is to apply again next year.


10. Where do I send my application?

Please mail or hand deliver your application to the following address: Magnet Office 1st Floor, 54 Meadow Street New Haven, CT 06519.  You may also apply online via this website.


11. How will I know that you have received my application?

As proof that the Magnet Office has received your application, we will mail you a Receipt Letter. The Receipt Letter will state all of the information from your application, so please read the Receipt Letter very carefully to make sure all of the information is correct. If you find a mistake on the Receipt Letter, call us immediately and reference the PIN number on the Receipt Letter and we will ensure that all mistakes are corrected and a new Receipt Letter will be mailed to you.


12. What is the PIN number?

A different PIN number is assigned to every application processed. After the lottery selections are made, parents will need to call to accept or to decline placement. In order for the Magnet Office to know that all calls are legitimate, parents must reference the PIN number over the phone. If a child is placed on the waiting list, parents can call periodically - referencing the PIN number - to check the status of their child on the waiting list.

We Provide

  • State-of-the-Art Schools

  • Free Transportation &
    Free Tuition

  • Free Preschool for
    3 & 4-year-olds

Our Mission

In addition to providing effective and innovative educational practices, New Haven Schools of Choice are designed to foster student enrollment patterns that reflect racial, ethnic and economic diversity.

Families must apply to our schools.  Students are placed in schools through a lottery.


Who Can Apply

New Haven residents can apply to any magnet or charter school in the city. Our Interdistrict Magnet Schools are open to all Connecticut residents. There are no admission requirements, tests or prerequisites for our students. We serve special education students, English Language learners, talented and gifted students and everyone else who comes through the lottery to our schools. No student may be denied enrollment because of race, ethnicity or disability. 

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