Davis Street Arts & Academics Interdistrict Magnet


2015 Open Houses


General Info

Address: 35 Davis Street , New Haven, CT 06515 MAP        

Main Office Phone: (203) 497-7800

Grades: PreK3 & PreK4 to 8th Grade

Admission Preferences: Neighborhood & Sibling

School Hours: 9:15 am – 3:30 pm

Principal: Sequella Coleman

Enrollment: 525 students

Uniform School: Yes



School Overview

Welcome to Davis Street Arts and Academics Interdistrict Magnet School, where we celebrate literacy through the arts, technology and multiculturalism!

Our philosophy recognizes that children benefit from nurturing through a collaboration of teachers, administrators, families and community. Here, students learn to be goal-setters and independent thinkers by developing their social skills and learning how to make good choices. Our rigorous standards and high expectations help our students excel far into the future and throughout their lives. And our performance shows we are succeeding at this.

How to Know Davis is Right for Your Child:

  • Your child naturally strives for excellence and high achievement
  • Your child enjoys the arts and sharing themselves through artistic expression
  • Your child is interested in learning about different cultures or comes from a multicultural household

Unique Ways Your Child Can Learn and Grow Here:

  • A Raisn’ Up Club, which recognizes students who have made progress on their report card to boost their confidence and self-esteem to succeed in the demanding work world
  • An International Day Program that includes a processional of all the children in national dress and a “Taster’s Choice” international cuisine tasting experience to give students an appreciation for and familiarity with different cultures so they can be comfortable and productive in a diverse world
  • Students choose one area of art to focus on – Band, Choral Music, Violin, Dance, Drama, Art – to deepen their engagement and experience with the arts and to be able to make substantial contributions to growing and bettering the community as creative thinkers

2015 Open Houses

2015 Open Houses


School Tours & Shadowing

available by appointment

More Info

contact Marianne Apuzzo at (203) 497-7838 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Davis offer a full day preschool program from 7:30 am - 5:30 pm.
  • There are interactive smart boards in every class.
  • A computer lab which actively engages students across grade levels in technology
  • Before and after school programming
  • Band instruction for different age levels
  • Recorder and keyboard instruction
  • Drama Productions
  • Academic Receptions
  • Choral Music
  • Violin Instruction
  • Dance Instruction
  • Publishing Parties


Education Partners

  • Shubert Theatre
  • The Little Scientist
  • Bodywork Zumba
  • Whitney Water
  • 21st Century Program
  • US Junior Tennis Association
  • Pilobolus Dance
  • Regional Water Authority
  • Neighborhood School of Music
  • Commission of the Arts
  • Yale New Haven Teachers Institute
  • Long Wharf Act ll Theatre
  • New Haven Orchestra
  • Jewish Literacy Coalition
  • New Haven Rotary Club
  • Southern Connecticut State University
  • University of New Haven
  • Connecticut Association of Interdistrict Magnet Schools
  • Magnet Schools of America


What our students are saying...

“I am new to Davis this year, I love all the exciting things that happen, I work hard and get good grades and my teachers make learning fun. I even learned how to play the violin.”
- Leila A, Grade 2

2013 Lottery Results Data

2013 Lottery Results Data 

In an effort to help families make informed decisions about choosing a school, New Haven Public Schools is publishing last year’s lottery data for each Magnet and Charter School. Although the data change year to year, you can see a snapshot by grade level of how many seats were available for each school. Also, you can see how many applicants applied, how many applicants lived in the neighborhood, and how many applicants had siblings. These numbers reflect a combined total of all first, second and third school choices of each applicant. We hope this information, along with the opportunity to attend open houses, will help families choose schools that will fit the needs of their children.

Last Year's New Haven Available Seats and Applicants by Grade Level

Available Seats: 14 10 13 8 2 7 3 2 6 2 8
Neighborhood & Sibling Preference: 19 8 13 10 6 1 1 2 1 2 0
Neighborhood  Preference: 59 37 46 27 22 13 8 9 8 6 0
Sibling Preference: 8 4 7 3 3 1 1 0 1 0 0
No Preference: 164 146 177 59 69 49 31 38 24 17 11


Last Year's Suburban Available Seats and Applicants by Grade Level

Available Seats: 10 10 3 0 3 1 3 1 0 1 0
Sibling Preference: 4 3 3 2 2 0 2 1 0 1 0
No Preference: 203 189 216 98 71 88 62 58 48 29 23

We Provide

  • State-of-the-Art Schools

  • Free Transportation &
    Free Tuition

  • Free Preschool for
    3 & 4-year-olds

Our Mission

In addition to providing effective and innovative educational practices, New Haven Schools of Choice are designed to foster student enrollment patterns that reflect racial, ethnic and economic diversity.

Families must apply to our schools.  Students are placed in schools through a lottery.


Who Can Apply

New Haven residents can apply to any magnet or charter school in the city. Our Interdistrict Magnet Schools are open to all Connecticut residents. There are no admission requirements, tests or prerequisites for our students. We serve special education students, English Language learners, talented and gifted students and everyone else who comes through the lottery to our schools. No student may be denied enrollment because of race, ethnicity or disability. 

Contact Us

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